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Bernadine Fox - A Fabulous Artist!


Bernadine Fox
Blog post by Tina Winterlik
Feb 27/2011

Bernadine obtained a BFA from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver, BC where she studied both drawing and animation (classical and computer). She also trained at the Alberta College of Art and Design and Douglas College in BC

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After graduating, Fox worked as a Film Producer/Production Manager for both film and animation projects including Johnny Quest, the Care Bears, Mattel, Expo 86, and a variety of TV commercials, documentaries, and feature films. 

She has volunteered her expertise on the Boards of various art organizations including Women in Film, CARFAC, BC and the Society for Disability Arts & Culture (host for the international kickstART Festival in Vancouver, BC [2001]).
She is a member of CARFAC, BC and a signatory to the Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective.

Bernadine teaches drawing and has developed classes for individuals who are able-bodied and those who have a range of physical challenges. Most recently, she has begun to curate both national and international exhibitions.

Bernadine Fox’s work has gained considerable attention in the last several years and is now held in private collections across North America including New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Calgary and Vancouver.  

She has exhibited throughout Canada in a variety of venues from solo, two-person and group exhibitions to commercial galleries. She lives in East Vancouver where she raises her granddaughter and works out of the Williams Clark Studios.

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