Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sal Spirit Bear for BC Premier

The 6 Claw-Point Plan

If elected Liberal leader and Premier of BC, a Sal Spirit Bear government will move quickly to:
  • Wrap up the 2009 Great Bear Rainforest Agreements that the government committed to. This means implementing all the elements required to achieve healthy communities and healthy ecosystems, including the protection of habitat for his pals — the murrelets, goats, frogs, goshawks and his cousins the grizzlies.
  • Enter into sincere and progressive negotiations with First Nations and other coastal communities of the Great Bear Rainforest to keep the promise made: social and economic well-being for their people and control over their traditional territories.
  • Support sustainable forestry in places that don’t compromise healthy ecosystems.
  • Ban oil tanker traffic from our coastal waters. Sal will represent the Great Bear Rainforest and demand that the Federal Government end its support for the Enbridge pipeline that would bring dirty tar sands oil to the coast of the Rainforest. No pipeline, no tankers, no problem!
  • Protect wild salmon by implementing a long-term strategy developed by his friends in the environmental community. They have a great strategy; I will give it teeth. Mmmmm salmon.
  • Proclaim a province-wide statutory holiday in April: Wild Forests Day. February would be nice – after all, there’s no holiday in February – but too many of his fellow beings are hibernating.
Sal's Story
Sal Spirit Bear was born inside an old hollowed-out red cedar tree. The tree was a huge, old-growth red cedar, big enough for his mamma to give birth in. The red cedar was on Princess Royal Island in the Great Bear Rainforest. Sal has a lot of family there. Many of the spirit bears live on that island and others nearby.
In his early years, Sal was content with catching fish, rubbing his back against massive old trees, chumming around with his brothers and sisters and hanging with his friends the goshawks, the coastal tailed frogs, and the marbled murrelets. Sometimes he went to the mainland to visit extended family and friends like the mountain goats. He also stayed in touch with his cousins the Grizzlies. Life was good. Lots of food, good company, and the local humans were respectful. But one day, while on an extended trip into the Great Bear Rainforest, he saw a hunter shoot one his Grizzly cousins. He also noticed vast scars in the landscape. The big, big old trees were disappearing before his eyes. He was quite upset; his innocence was shattered. He was barely a teenager at this point. His Mom tried to shield him from these dangers to his homeland, but things only got worse. Read More here

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