Thursday, February 24, 2011

Michelle Vulama


Michelle Vulama is a Canadian artist, originating from Vancouver, BC. Though her work is diverse in form and content, she is chiefly recognised for her original and distinct style of rock-painting.

To those close to her, Vulama’s artistic potential was evident from an early age. As a child she dabbled in an abundance of artistic forms: everything from shoe-box dollhouses, to delicately crafted sock-puppets, to the sketches of ‘pig-faced people’ which still resonate in her current work. However, it wasn’t until her late teens that Vulama, having acquired a job as an office assistant at Vancouver’s Clochard Gallery, found the inspiration, guidance and encouragement to hone her talents and find her artistic niche.
Despite having received no formal artistic education, Vulama has always been fascinated by the idea that she can use her skills to transform ‘bits of garbage into something people will admire and value’. Consequently, Vulama frequently took to painting on unusual canvases such as jam-jar lids and cereal boxes. Experimentation with a multitude of these atypical mediums enabled Vulama to refine her canvas-preference and ultimately led her to develop her unique penchant for rock-painting.  Read More Here
Jawbreaker on Rock- 2002

See Michelle's Rock Painting at the District Gallery Jan 26- Mar 23 2011
The Vancouver North District Hall
355W Queens Road, North Vancouver
 Vancouver Events Guide - Exhibition - District Foyer Gallery

 You have to see what she doing with Thunder Eggs. She's amazing!! We met her at Granville Market today and I couldn't believe her work. It was just fantastic.

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