Tuesday, February 22, 2011

William Jans - Half Dome Cable- Yosemite

This is my friend/ former employer/contractor William Jans doing the
HALF DOME CABLES -- YOSEMITE -- Wow!! Too Cool William!


William Jans' Live shows about absurd travels started in 1990 as a passion outside of his professional photographic career... now they have been dubbed a "West Coast Phenomenon" and have garnered rave reviews from media and attendees alike. There have been 15 sold out shows (with over 800 people per night sometimes)

William Jans is a Vancouver based corporate photographer creating images for clients in Western Canada, Toronto and Overseas.

He has been commissioned to photograph a variety of famous faces and was fortunate to be one of the three official photographers for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama while he was in Vancouver for three days.

William works mostly in Western Canada (B.C. and Alberta), but is as comfortable working in the US or Overseas. He has learned to communicate reasonably in nine languages.

Though William specializes in people photography, he has done quite a bit of aerial photography and innumerable events ranging from corporate functions to Gala Evenings.

WRJ Photo can work take you from basic ideas to finished final product. The CITY TV bus photography layout and design were concepted by WRJ Photo. Proportionsof 30 foot long by 3 foot high required strategic placement of everything.

http://williamjans.blogspot.com/   Williams Jan's Blog

http://www.facebook.com/pages/William-Jans-Live-Shows/155500946488?v=wall  Facebook
Quote from his Facebook Page-
This new trip (to become show) will hopefully include Swimming with Whale Sharks, Volcanos, Running 21 km on the Great Wall, and a Philippine Crucifixion Festival (they really nail volunteers to crosses!!)last Wednesday

William Jans is a Vancouver based photographer that hosts LIVE multimedia shows about absurd travels. They have been dubbed "A West Coast Phenomenon" and often sell out (with oer 800 people per night in some cities).You may wish to go to this page http://www.wrjphoto.com/live-shows-about.html and register for show updates to get tickets to shows in your city when they are announced (and before they sell out).

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