Monday, February 21, 2011

The Sound of ...(silence)

So this is super cool, I used to live in the Kootenays and I always dream about doing something at the Oxygen Art Centre in Nelson. Check out what Deborah Loxam-Kohl created. It's so beautiful!! Not only that she's a super talented inventor and has won awards be sure to read the Articulate Magazine article below.

Deborah Loxam-Kohl: The Sound of… (silence)
by Bill Metcalfe on Thursday, December 30th, 2010 at 8:26 pm

Artist Deborah Loxam-Kohl has set up shop at the Oxygen Art Centre in Nelson for a two-month residency during which she will create ”The Sound of… (silence)”, an installation using felted wool. See the schedule at the bottom of this page for associated events including an artist talk and workshops.

Sandra Hartline has written about this project in Articulate magazine.

The proposed installation developed out of two areas of interest: exploring the applications of felted wool in making form; and an increasing awareness of, and sensitivity to, noise.

The Sound of…..(silence)
by Bill Metcalfe on Monday, February 21st, 2011 at 5:13 pm

I love wool, it is warm, you can wrap yourself in it, it is like a cocoon, it is a sense of well-being and in those moments there is that sense of silence that comes over you like a shroud.”

Those are the words of Deborah Loxam-Kohl, talking about her favourite artistic medium. I wrote about her plans for the installation The Sound of…..(Silence) in an earlier post. Last week I interviewed her a few days after the opening reception for the finished work. I have included the text of a few of her comments here along with some photos, and you can click here to hear the whole 14-minute interview in a podcast.

And you can check out her upcoming form felting workshop on our events calendar here.

One doesn’t often think inventions when it comes to felting but Deborah Loxam-Kohl is in fact just that. She’s inventor of a technique and machine to felt three-dimensional objects in-the-round and a sculpture artist. Her work has been exhibited around the globe and she recently finished a residency at Oxygen Art Centre , ‘The Sound of… (silence)’ that explores the sound-absorbing qualities of felted wool within a built environment. The body of work resulting in a low-relief sculptural wall of felt wool.

Loxam-Kohl will be offering a not to be missed 3-D FORM FELTING WORKSHOP (Intermediate) at the Slocan Valley Threads Guild. This two-day intensive teaches basic techniques for felting in-the-round, by hand. Participants will produce small samples before continuing onto a project. Felted forms can be applied in the making of hats, handbags, basket-like containers, toys and other items. Examples of finished felted pieces will be displayed at first session. Needs list provided upon registration.

The course runs on Saturday Feb. 26 and Sunday, Feb. 10am to 4pm. Fee: $150 + HST Call Craig at Slocan Valley Recreation for registration at 250.226.0008.

Deborah is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art & Design Fibre program and works as an independent curator and directs DLK Design Lab, a multi-disciplinary studio, from her base camp in the Slocan Valley.

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