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Pink Monkey Studios - Be Shot. Real Good.

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Feb 25/2011

Ross is a fabulous photograph and artist.  See the great things people are saying here!!/pink.monkey.studios?sk=app_6261817190 

Barry Levy
"I have been in LA for just over 3 years now, and I have yet to find a photographer here who can match what I got from Ross and Sarolta in Vancouver. They are top notch, top drawer, and top of the list for me!" 

Ross den Otter & Sarolta Dobi of Pink Monkey Studios

Leaving their small B.C. towns of Courtenay and Summerland in the mid-eighties and meeting at Langara's respected photography program led not only to a thriving partnership in business but also to a thriving partnership in life. Pink Monkey Studios, established in 1996 by the husband-and-wife team of Ross den Otter and Sarolta Dobi, has skillfully filled the portfolios of actors, models, and corporate executives from across the Lower Mainland for over a decade.  Establishing and maintaining quality relationships with all their clients, the Monkeys' branched out to commercial and on-set film work as well, expanding the scope of their business.
Pink Monkey Studios

Pink Monkey Studios - BE SHOT. REAL GOOD.

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By Appointment Only
Vancouver, BC, v6a 2c4

About  : For twenty years Pink Monkey Studios has specialized in commercial portraiture, Headshots and Theatre stills

Tel: 604-872-3206

Ross den Otter - Artist
Nuovo Fresco

Ross den Otter- Nuovo Fresco-

Personal Information
I make things by mixing things with other things.

Personal Interests
It's rather simple, I like to do things. I live a life of what will I do next.

Phone 604 872-3206

Ross was born Port Alberni BC in 1969 and was raised in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. He is a photographer, mixed media artist, small scale sculptor and photographic printmaker of over 25 years. A natural collaborator, he has worked with many of Vancouver’s fine art and commercial photographers.

As a child he was taught the importance of stewardship of the land, conservation of resources and creation of a strong community. Those lessons formed his core values and have guided his personal growth through his life. Ross is an active scuba diver and has amassed hundred of dives off the west coast shores, assisted in the training of divers with physical challenges, and worked with conservation agencies in the annual Ling Cod egg mass counts.
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Ross den Otter - Eastside Culture Crawl 
Ross den Otter- Nuovo Fresco- National Post

 The naturally sculpted inspires Vancouver fresco-maker

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