Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Global Village

Researched, Written, Directed, Edited & Mixed by Jennifer Millenor
narrated by Jennifer Millenor
The Global Village
The World's Suburbia
An UnderStudy2010 Production

The Internet -"a communication system that creates a space for unrestrained conversation & fixes that conversation into a semi-permanent historical record and allows non-commercial cultural production to flourish." ~ The Empire of Mind

We were promised many things about the internet - Increase productivity, Improved Global Dialog, Revolutionize consumer spending patterns, but what do we know about who's online.
Canadians are online, but what about those who aren't.

What do we know about the people online?
Who are the people who aren't online. Those without access.
Does it matter?

Does the Internet enable dialogue?
How important is an opinion if you don't know who's it is.
America's poor and Africa's child soldiers aren't online.

Maybe the internet is the new global memory, but who's memory are they?
Can the Internet be a catalyst for change?

Of course but only if the privileged few who have an address in the global village have the will to make change happen.

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