Monday, April 18, 2016

Flashmob - TONIGHT-TORONTO -BE THERE #TruDontShow #Attawapiskat

As suicides in Northern Indigenous communities continue to mount, Justin Trudeau- a man who appointed himself the "Minister of Youth"- continues to the ignore the youth of Attawapiskat and other territories. Trudeau was elected on a promise of starting a new relationship with First Nations and its time to call him on his hypocrisy. We are using the hashtag #TruDontShow

We are calling for power in numbers and a diversity of tactis using courage, creativity, and compassion. It is still undecided how much longer #GroundZeroINAC will go on for. We are on full lock down inside so we need folks outside to turn up the heat with what ever it takes.

Crystal Sinclair - IdleNoMore Toronto organizer
Allan Zachariah - - Grass Roots Traditional Ceremony Pipe Carrier - Fire Keeper - Peace Keeper
Shadiya Aidid - Poet

So please feel free to bring your Drums, Rattles, Voices and Dance to share and raise awareness to the so called "Indian Problem"

Monday April 18th 6:30 pm
Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada
25 St. Clair Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario

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