Friday, April 1, 2016

Hunger Striker Kristin Henry - IN HOSPITAL!!

Kristin has been taken to hospital on day 19. Her heart rate dropped to concerning levels. An ambulance was called and she is now at St. Paul's.

I was really worried for Kristin, I myself have hypoglycemia and I can't go without eating or I get sick really fast. Poor Kristin, she tried so hard but now she is in the hospital. She was taken there last night after her heart rate dropped.

If you are unaware, Kristin Henry has taken a heroic stand to STAND UP to BCHYDRO & BC Liberals, calling on them to STOP SITE C.

Her hunger strike while ALL TOO REAL was symbolic of the HUNGER we WILL ALL FACE if this project goes ahead. With Climate Change heating everything up, yesterday we were 17 degrees- a record not broken since 1941, there is no doubt that California will and is facing challenges.

We import a ridiculous amount of food, something like 85% and grocery prices are going through the roof. We have poor homeless hungry people EVERYWHERE and the highest child poverty rate. Flooding the PEACE RIVER VALLEY is absolutely the STUPIDEST move this province could make.

We have this GARDEN OF EDEN waiting for us, if it's not destroyed first with FLOODING AND FRACKING!!!

Stephen Harper APPROVED the current permits that are allowing INDIGENOUS people to be forced off sacred land and is in total violation of TREATY 8. His corrupt legacy crammed through the permit in his very last days of office (Elizabeth May mentioned this) and we are ALL going to pay the price.

DON'T LET HARPER WIN!! The whole thing is before the courts, and while delay after delay and time goes on, the PEACE RIVER VALLEY is being destroyed.

IT'S TIME PEOPLE!! Time for you to STAND UP!!


Join the Dance Party on Friday outside BC Hydro

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Support the Raven Trust Legal Fund

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