Friday, April 15, 2016

Elizabeth May on Site C Dam

Thank you for trying Elizabeth!! You were great! They have their heads stuck somewhere!!!! 

They COULD STOP IT!! But they are hiding behind the courts and delaying everything. 


"The joint federal-provincial review found that this project would probably cause economic losses to British Columbians. It found that the proponent had not adequately considered alternatives. It found that the proponent fell short of proving any need for the project. It also found that this project would cause permanent damage to the environment, including:
…probable extirpation of three species and would further unbalance the species diversity in the River through the ascendancy of [various]…introduced species, into the reservoir…would act cumulatively to affect fish throughout the remaining, previously undammed sections of the…River…
In other words, it would result in “…significant adverse cumulative effects on fish”.
The panel review also found that this project would cause a net loss of habitat, profound change in the type of character of remaining habitat during construction and operations that would be “…probable, negative, large, irreversible and permanent so long as the Site C Dam remains”.

In relation to first nations rights, which was the main point of my question, the panel review found that the first nations peoples of this area, namely a number of communities within the Treaty 8 First Nations, specifically the Halfway River, Doig River, Prophet River, and West Moberly First Nations, jointly within Treaty 8 protections would suffer permanent losses of cultural rights and treaty rights."

Children are committing suicide because of what this government is doing to their land, their parents, the families, their ancestors.  

WHEN WILL IT STOP? When will corporate greed stop and "life on earth" take a precedent?  

When will the government which was ELECTED by the PEOPLE actually look after the PEOPLE'S NEEDS, the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S NEEDS AND THE ENVIRONMENT'S NEEDS!!

JUSTIN, That is what you promised,  right?

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