Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Let's Unite in Solidarity & Say NEVER AGAIN!

Niki Ashton
MP for Churchill-Keewatinook Aski.
NDP Critic for Jobs, Employment and Workforce Development. Feminist. Northerner.

From Wikipedia-Asclepias

“Suicide on First Nations is twice the national average. Suicide and self-inflicted injuries are among the leading causes of death for First Nations peoples. But this didn’t just happen. In fact, the trauma that is apparent through suicide and that is apparent through suicide crisis across Canada is the direct result of our history of colonization and decades of racist policies passed through this House.

Approaches, policies and laws that have sought to silence, intimidate, assimilate and kill Indigenous peoples. Let us be clear, that the despair that many people on First Nations face is a direct result of our political and economic policies. Policies that have systemically sought to steal the land of Indigenous peoples so that the governments and corporations can exploit their wealth without consent. Policies that force First Nations people to live on small parcels of lands, reserves, often times some of the most uninhabitable land in this country. So oppressive was this reserve system that it served as the foundation of the apartheid system in South Africa.“

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