Monday, April 11, 2016

"Nature is Magic" - Robert Bateman

"Worrying is useless." "Taking action is useful."

Such beautiful wise comforting words from Canadian Artist Robert Bateman #NatureIsMagic 

I think so many of us, especially as parents, are struggling to keep a strong connection between ourselves, our children and nature

With so many distractions of school and computers often we  or they are too tired, too busy, too burnt out,  too disconnected, too lazy (dare I say it ...) to just go spend time in nature BUT when we do I see my child blossom....again.

I find with school she is so tired when she comes home.  When I prod her for a walk, she says she has homework...and that's how the afternoon & evenings go...

She does her homework while playing on the computer.

She tells me "she would die" if she had to do just straight homework 

Oh how I miss the homeschooling days when we went for walks after lunch each day and often in the evenings...

But we are going to make great efforts to change this or at least I am.

What Mr. Bateman says about art is so comforting.

 "Worrying is useless." "Taking action is useful."
"So, what do you want to do is the interesting question?"

That resonates so strongly with me. He is so eloquent when he speaks, I loved what he's says about being an artist. I helps comfort me because being an artist can be very difficult and people are not always very supportive.

The point to my painting is just to express myself and to capture the beauty around me. If it supported me that would be awesome but just not my reality.... yet!

But the ability to capture and express myself through art is the payment 

 From the first time in Zipolite- when my camera burned and I started to draw and paint again seriously to's always been about that and  I hope it inspires people, enlightens them, makes them smile, makes the question, ponder, think....)

 It's why I created my #SaveMyCoast project and so many of my videos and why I took Angel to Mexico - to send my messages out to the world. I hope my art will be received as his one day.  I cherish my paintings and I dream of creating many more. I hope we all create more art, that we take action and do something that has impact.

We are heading into "gloomy future" as Mr. Bateman states...and I so want to change that. I hope you will get yourself and your kids out into nature more...and don't rush or hurry, just go slow and let them bring you into their world. I have found a child's eye sees so much more than mine.

I just found this great video and I need to share this too! LISTEN!

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