Monday, April 18, 2016

Huge Obstacles Just to Get a Driver's Licence in Attawapiskat

Someone in Attawapiskat kindly provided me with this info so I could enlighten you to some of the everyday challenges they face and that we take for granted!!

I have changed the name and address to protect their identity but READ THIS! 

MTO usually requires your birth certificate, picture ID and one document with an address.

First of all, Attawapiskat doesn’t have house numbers nor street numbers – people know everyone and it was never an issue until you are asked for an address when you’re down south. 

(Changed the address to protect identity but not by much but since everyone is sending letters I think it's out there already but I am trying)
My address on my drivers license says P.O. Box ### Reserve ##, Attawapiskat, Ontario P0L 1A0. 

As for your birth certificate, either apply on line or by mail. Many people don’t have a credit card. 

Another problem in our community – no bank! They need a bank, Northern is the only place to cash your cheque but edeposit is useful. 

The nearest bank is in Moosonee. OK once you have three pieces required by MTO – but remember everything has to match. 

For example- (name changed)
Suzy Marie Smith on birth certificate but Suzy Marie Jones on your Status card – MTO will ask you why your names are different and you have to provide a marriage certificate – explaining why you changed my name! 

February is the only time you can get your G1 in Moosonee – One of the visits by MTO. 

Get in your truck in Attawapiskat and drive on the winter ice road for 245km. 

In order to go into the town of Moosoneeyour truck needs to registration, your insurance and license. 

You have to get this entire paperwork done down south – register the vehicle, buy insurance (our broker is in Timmins). 

Most people’s vehicles are not registered or licensed. 

No mechanic, no garages, no Service Ontario. 

If you miss one of the documents needed and you have to wait whole year to try to do your written part of your driver’s license. 

Another thing with MTO – you need your debit card, visa or cheque – no cash is accepted.

PHEW! You won’t see any young people try for their driver’s license – it’s just too hard to get! 

Getting your birth certificate is the hardest part.

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