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Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe

Did you read this great article ?

20 Facts About the Jade Canoe on the 20th Anniversary
Well here are the article for the rest. Very interesting. 

1. In 1996, when the International Terminal Building first opened, they had to lift the Canoe with a crane and lower it through the skylights because it didn’t fit through the doors

2. Considered as Bill Reid’s masterpiece, it took the Haida artist 4 years to make. He started in 1990 and completed it in 1994.

3. Before coming to YVR the canoe was at the Canadian Museum of History from 1994 to 1996. Now, a plaster copy of the sculpture at the Canadian Museum of History

4. The Jade canoe appeared on the Canadian $20 bill from 2004 until 2012

5. There are 13 passengers on the Jade Canoe including men and women, young and old, animals, humans, and mythical Haida creatures.

6. Many passengers touch the Canoe for good luck before they travel. It is said that the luckiest part of the Canoe is on the Old Mouse Woman’s nose, which is noticeably worn out.

7. The Canoe was made in Bill Reid’s studio on Granville Island, and then cast in bronze in 1994 at the Talix Foundry in Beacon, New York

8. The Canoe was first made with clay being placed on top of metal rods and mesh. Pieces of the canoe were then removed one by one to be casted into plaster.

9. Although the Canoe is made of bronze, the green patina is meant to represent BC’s official gemstone: Jade.

10. The “Ancient Reluctant Conscript,” the person paddling near the back of the Canoe, is actually a self-portrait of Bill Reid.

11. The Bear Mother and Dogfish woman both are wearing a labret, which extends their bottom lips, and shows that they are women of high social standing.

12. The Raven at the back of the Canoe is one of the most prominent figures in Haida mythology. He is known to be a trickster and his paddling is meant to represent the unpredictable nature of life. The Bear is wary of the Raven’s tricks and is keeping a close eye on him.

13. The Mouse Woman is the Raven’s wise and ancient grandmother.
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I wanted to share this photo of Angel. This was  a few years back on our last trip to Mexico.

My time has flown and she's grown so much.

Angel with Bill Reid's Jade Canoe at YVR Airport

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