Monday, April 4, 2016


So today a petition was started.

Kristin Henry's Hunger Strike (And The Site C Dam) Should Be Covered By The CBC

Wouldn't you like to really hear the news. Not just random things but things that are vital to your well-being. Isn't the news supposed to be about reporting on things that affect Canada.

You would think that a thing called the CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION would report on something as important as a HUNGER STRIKE.

I mean this is Canada, that doesn't usually happen here...

But maybe we've a missing a big part here. IT'S THAT WORD.



If you haven't been downsized or screwed royally by a corporation well let me inform you that they only care about the shareholders. The people at the top do not or basically can NOT care about the people who actually work for and run the corporation because the corporation is an evil entity in itself. It only answers to the shareholders.

The shareholders only want their money. So how could there be any truthful non-partisan (I believe that is the word) journalism because it's been bought and sold. I thought, I was hoping when Justin Trudeau helped save the CBC that things would get better. After all HARPER tried to kill it. Well that's the interesting thing about corporations, they can't be killed or put in jail, they are not living but the privileges they receive you would think they were royalty. This is about the US but much of it applies to Canada.

So what is journalism-

Now I have given up on TV news, I rarely watch because it's just not good. I just don't find it relevant to the things I want to hear. There are many that still only watch the news and that's sad because it's all very one sided and tabloid like and they are being misled.

And this is where the CBC and other news stations could actually increase their viewers if they reported on relevant things. Like the high price of groceries, do a story on why the prices are high, why are they going to flood the Peace River Valley when we all know it's a very bad idea.
Be a reporter for the people.

That's why I blog and I try to share stories that are not getting attention but are VERY IMPORTANT!!

Still I don't have any where the coverage that the CBC gets and it's really sad that here is a great opportunity for them to really come out and share stories that are important to the people.

Maybe all those people are gone. Maybe Harper got them all fired. Maybe that's why we are not hearing anything about this HUNGER STRIKE or LELU ISLAND or HOWE SOUND or THE WALBRAN.

And this is why people turn to the internet for news and this is why we don't trust the CBC or Global or anyone of them as they are all bought sadly.

There's no real free speech and there's no real journalism... not if you are going to get paid...because if you don't cow down to the big corp, you don't have a job.

And we wonder why are governments are so messed up and we have so many poor and so many's because the rich figured out how to buy the news a long time ago.

Thank God for Social Media. It levels the playing field and gives everyone a voice. Still it's sad that something like the CBC that I grew up on, is now a former shadow of itself.

Come on JOURNALISTS, I challenge you and I challenge ALL THE BLOGGERS out there to get serious, start sharing the real news, the news that is going to affect our lives and our children's lives...and start finding and reporting solutions.

I don't understand why there hasn't been any TV programs about what will happen to the Peace River.


CBC, if you really want to share the true story here's a few for starters.

JUST GOOGLE -      Hunger Strikes in Canada 
Huffington post, Rabble, past Hunger Strikes but nothing from CBC about Kristin

Previous Hunger Strikes
Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development John Duncan sent a letter to Spence on December 25, 2012, expressing concern for her health and urging her to end her protest.[27] Spence subsequently called for a day of protests in support of her cause to take place on December 30, 2012, bringing peaceful demonstrations in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and other locations, while a VIA train was detained by demonstrators near Belleville, Ontario. Spence was visited by 21 senators and members of parliament representing opposition parties.[7] Former Prime Minister Paul Martin met with Spence on January 5, 2013, calling her "an inspiration".[28] Amnesty International issued a statement in her support and urged the Prime Minister to meet with Spence.[29]

And if you Google -hunger strike Kristin
you find stories by the Georgia Straight, Globe & Mail, the Province, The Times Colonists, Global News, Alaska Highway News.... 
BUT WHERE OR WHERE IS THE CBC???????????????????

Let's play Truth or Consequences, shall we??? 

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