Friday, April 15, 2016

Diesel Spill in English Bay

 " A diesel spill that was spotted in English Bay by Sky Helicopters, a Vancouver tour company, has been determined to be more of a nuisance than a threat to the marine environment."

Gee according to who?

How would you like to have someone pour oil/diesel fuel all over your yard/home/food. POOR WHALE and all the seals and herons and other animals I see there...the herring the whale was eating.... 

The Coast Guard and the Western Canada Marine Response Corporation responded to the spill but quickly determined it did not pose a threat to the marine environment. (Bryce Westlund/SKY Helicopters)

Look here in the bottom corner, this is Maritime Museum so that you can see the scale. Apparently there are letting it dissipate.

The whale was all around there yesterday eating herring. But I didn't see him today.

Praying this is never our reality! WakeUp!! #NoTankers #NoPipelines #KeepItIntheGround #Leap

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