Wednesday, May 11, 2016

$150 MILLION to help #FortMurrayFire Evacuees

Hurray! A little relief!

I was worried when I heard that all this money was being donated to the RED CROSS but no one was seeing anything and no one was saying anything.

But today BIG NEWS!!

Fort McMurray wildfire: Red Cross gives $50M, Alberta gives $100M in emergency funding
By Karen Bartko and Emily Mertz  

"Emergency funding from Red Cross"
"People who have given the Red Cross an email address will receive the funds through e-transfer in the next 24 to 48 hours. The Red Cross said if you didn’t provide an email, they will reach out to you."

“No matter where they are in Canada, we will reach out,” Conrad Sauve, president and CEO of the Canadian Red Cross said. “We will take care of you wherever you are.”

He called the emergency funding effort the most important and fastest direct cash transfer in the organization’s history. Read More Here

Distribution centres for pre-loaded debit cards from the Alberta government will be set up for Fort McMurray wildfire evacuees at the following locations.
Courtesy, Alberta government

“In order to allow for immediate distribution to people who are in most urgent need, we are asking evacuees who aren’t in dire need of these funds to wait a few days before claiming them.
“These funds will be available for some time, and no eligible evacuee will miss out.”
Seniors, individuals with mobility issues, those with special needs and others who are in Alberta but unable to apply in person at a debit card location can contact 310-4455 to make alternative arrangements. Read More Here

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