Thursday, May 26, 2016

Vancouver- 1964- Did you grow up here?

My grandma lived in Vancouver, I was 2 years old when they made this film. 

We used to drive in from Surrey every week to visit her for Sunday dinner.

If you want to see what Surrey BC looked like back then  Check this out!

Wow! This video below is so enlightening.

I mean it sounded like they really meant well by the people, we know so much more about housing and materials and things now...

Sadly it really has taken a terrible turn for the worse with $$MILLION homes, EMPTY condos, Flippin' houses, Highest Child Poverty rate, .....

I wish my mom was here and could tell me more stories.

Anyways this was shared over on the
a little while ago and I put it on my blog

Vancouver City Hall Sleep Over- You're Invited. 

Some people thought it up and it started as a joke but it's rallying people and people are talking and if you want change it has to start at a grass roots level.

I made a bunch of suggestions of what we could do while there.

Ideas for the Sleep Over at City Hall 

So people are getting very clever and creative. I love that! 

 EVERYONE deserves food and shelter. It's a basic human right!!

Raise The Rates

And why should young people or any age spend $$$$$ for education and then suddenly they have to pay ridiculous rents.

How can a woman have children when their is no security, how can children grow into health adults being raised  in poverty-  when the daily stress of making choices between paying rent and food or the laundry, transporation, medicine, clothes, shoes...

Article 25: Right to an adequate standard of living

 Poverty in BC- Where is Social Justice?

Don't lose hope, we can do this, TOGETHER! We have to be smart and creative.


We MUST restore the balance! It's about RESPECT!

It takes 23 years to save for a downpayment for a Metro Vancouver

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