Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Translink - I have a beef with you!

Today I went to go from Vancouver to Surrey.

I looked it up the night before and it said this. Now I haven't really learned about the stored value and up until now...I haven't purchased a compass card for myself because I haven't had any extra cash and normally I walk everywhere but today I needed to go to Surrey and I got ready to pay the stupid $8.25 each way, but the last time I rode somehow the guy told me it was just $5.50 so I was confused but off I went.

I got on the 22 and the driver was very nice, he said it would be best to pay at Skytrain or I will have pay 2x.

So I do that. I get to the Skytrain, I tell the man I am going to Surrey, he shows me how to get the same paper card, but this one has a chip, so it can make the extremely annoying beeping sound and open the gate ....and told me to tap in, tap out and then use it to get the bus.

Off I go.
I find my bus in Surrey- which is a long walk from the station----who plans these things...., anyways all is well.

I complete my errand and 

I go back to catch the 96 BLine back and the driver is not nice. He's telling me I must pay and he's telling me how the other driver did me a big diservice for not explaining it to me and he's talking down to me, which when your confused and annoyed makes you even more annoyed.

I am not a child, I am not stupid, your system is stupid.

So I pay $2.75 for the bus from 76th ave to 96ave and then I go to the Skytrain station and it charges $5.50 to take the Skytrain back to Vancouver.

So far I paid 
$5.50 Skytrain to Surrey- because I have the card- I can take it on the bus.
$2.75 Bus to Skytrain
$5.50 Skytrain to Vancouver- now I have the card- I can take it on the bus
13.75 - RIP OFF!

Now this is less than before...if I had to travel midweek it was $8.75 x 2 =$17.50 for a stupid ride to Surrey and back...who can afford that??? but on most occassions I could go on the weekends, and don't forget I had to add my kids fare in there too.

Anyways, so I was mad and I came home and looked it up.



Anyways, it made no sense to me as I don't have a Compass card, didn't really want to spend $6 to get one.

That's right it cost $6 to get one, before you can add anything. 

This is where I was upset with the man at the Skytrain station in Surrey. He spoke down to me too.

I tried to explain the situation and and he cuts me off and at first he says...well it must have expired, then I told him I paid and everything I explained above and how I have to pay all this extra and it's a rip off and the system is not good.

I told him that "you people" meaning people that make the "living wage" which many do not, we may not have extra money to put out for the compass card, when we need to go somewhere...and that maybe we only go very rarely.

He told me about this Stored Value- how it's $4.20 when you use it.

Now this was not and has never been explained clearly and I haven't seen it on a video but I am going to look.

I find the text on the Translink page confusing...but I don't like text...I am visual.

I want something on there in BIG LETTERS THAT SAYS-


Still it annoys me I have to pay $6 for a piece of plastic, and have to make special trips to load it, because the buses can't do it and I don't live beside a skytrain station.

I have to go all the way to London Drugs or somewhere...and the nearest to me is like 15 blocks away or more...

 Compass Vending Machines (CVMs)* located at:
    • SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express stations
    • BC Ferries Tsawwassen and Horseshoe Bay terminals
    • 18 London Drugs stores

Anyways, that's my rant. 

Oh the last part of my rant was while the man told me about the STORED VALUE, I felt he too spoke down to me and told me- shouted to me- in front of many people as I was going up the escalators- THE NEXT TIME YOU GET YOUR CHECK - GO PUT 6 OR $10 ON THERE....

Between the beeping, the riduculous fares, and misinformation, there's going to be alot more meltdowns....

And if you want help fast- forget that- look at this list of can you find anything fast...

And the places where to buy them is either incorrect or I am wrong but I went to Macs before and they didn't have them and it's says only London Drugs..


So now I live near Burrard Bridge and the way it is now I have to go all the way to Broadway and Yew. Now normally I don't care,  walk all over but if you are in a hurry, if something comes up or if your card is empty, you can't just refill it easily.

THE SYSTEM SUCKS! Who were the designers? Did you pay them enough...???
Obviously many many things were not taken into account and we are going to suffer for it.
It's a shame.

So the yellow ones do not have tickets and you can only get it at that green circle on here- it's blue on the site.

 oh and just so you realize many people in this city of $MILLION homes and crap wages can not afford or have access to internet or credit cards and other things like that. 

Who is helping those? 

This is so set up for the rich. 

When it cost $52 a month just so you can send your kid to school...something is really wrong...

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