Friday, May 6, 2016

Empathy and Fort McMurray

I must say I was shocked that people would even mention "climate change" during the horrifying exodus of the city of Fort McMurray. (And I am always on about that...)

For 4 days now... 4 or more...I have been sharing tweets and info on the #FortMacFire

It started when I saw this tweet,  then saw her other tweets and was trying to figure out if it was real.

All the other news stations reports were from earlier in the day and I was suddenly not sure if I should retweet it and at the same time feeling the shock, terror and grief of  of Kimberlee leaving.

I started following all the tweets, you can see here and the horror of the day was revealing itself quickly as people shared photos and tweets that the news was not even aware of yet.

After seeing these and searching other sites the realization of what was taking place was overwhelming. While I had the option, to get up, step away from the computer, eat something, use the bathroom, make some tea....horrors were happening.

It was too much. At points in the evening I broke into tears as I watched tweet after tweet telling us and showing the insanity and terror of the situation.

Perhaps if you just saw the photos after, you could be sort of numbed by the inferno that raged in the city and against the desperate people racing to escape...

But if you say anything at this time against these people and their apocalyptic reality, then I am sorry to inform you, but it's about time that someone obviously did, but you lack empathy. You need to watch the videos below.

Let me just say that while I am no expert on Karma, I don't believe it works that way.

Two, people who are enlightened would never speak such things. Three and this is the weird thing that I wanted to mention.... did we make it happen.

Did the collective minds of the world, send such negativity to the place ....did it create the turbulence of nature...and if we did then it's time to meditate and shut that fire down with lots and lots of rain.

I'm not saying we wished harm to these beautiful souls but just that a collective minds we wished that Tarsands to not be there... we had all seen so much negativity about it, ...and that's just me, the Aquarius...

And the last point I wanted make, if you have ever been through a fire, then you will have huge empathy for these poor souls who have lost everything and will be traumatized for years. Seriously, they are going to need a lot of help.

Reading these triggered old memories of the fire in Zipolite, Mexico, running down the street, no shoes, terrified that I was almost trapped in a court yard because the fire was in the palapa across the street, and hot embers were about to rain down (it would burn straight back...burn the whole town...or so I thought in the chaos of it all. )

I was confused standing at the end of the street, thinking I need to go back for my stuff but it was all about to go...and the other tourists standing there with me, with nothing on their backs. Later meeting the locals who lost all as the cars gas tanks and propane tanks would explode and the wind would whip the flames higher and more voracious. Wind- it's the bad guy in the fire.

You don't forget that kind of thing and every little fire experience will trigger you, some more than others. Every time you smell smoke, you will be at attention, and I didn't have insurance, so I never had anything replaced. I lost a lot of material things, that's the important thing right, I wasn't burned, I didn't die. Still the sense of loss, the grief will haunt you for a very long time. I have great empathy for all the children, their mommies and daddies, the grandparents, the animals, everyone and everything.

Fire in Zipolite 2001

So anyone to even consider anything other than love, compassion and understanding at this fragile and mind-numbing time, really needs to study up and practice empathy. 

Just to note, not all can...learn it, some sociopaths lack the capacity.

And for people like Kimberlee, where is the help, can the RED CROSS reach out to Kimberlee.


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