Sunday, May 1, 2016

"Discriminated Against Indigenous Children for Generations"- Justin Trudeau

VICE Canada spent the day with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Shoal Lake 40:

The prime minister went on to discuss his government's plans to repeal the Indian Act — the piece of controversial federal legislation that dictates the way First Nations reserves govern themselves. Earlier this month, the justice minister told Parliament the Act was akin to shackles on First Nations peoples.

For Trudeau, the Act does not make sense for Canada.

 "The fact that the federal government controls so completely Indigenous peoples from when they're born, to executing their will, there are things that simply make no sense anymore in a modern and free country."

In an interview with VICE News during his Shoal Lake 40 visit, Trudeau was asked about a recent ruling by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, that found the federal government discriminates against First Nations children living on reserves by not providing the same level of child welfare funding that children living off reserve are entitled to.

Justin Trudeau: 'We Have Discriminated Against Indigenous Children for Generations'

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