Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Heritage and 7 Generations

 Going through old photos, came across this, Angel and me in Nelson, the health nurse took this photo I believe. Angel fell asleep.

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2016

 So lately I have been tracing my heritage and this is what I found out. I believe this is a photo of my Great Great Granpa John Enos. Taken in 1915.

I even have a copy of the 1881 Census stating
John Enos 46 yr
Eliza Enos 45 yr
Joseph Enos 14yr
So it's very exciting for me! So some of the info on this blog post is not correct. 

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2016

I've found some great info here.
Royal BC Museum Archives under Enos

Here's how it breaks down
Gr.Gr. Grandpa John Enos (Portuguese) married 
Gr. Gr. Grandma Theresa Eliza(Songhee), they had a baby called John Enos but he did not survive. :(

Then they had
Gr. Grandpa John Joseph Enos and he marries
Gr. Grandma Mary Ann Poirier (Metis) in 1891.
they have
Grandpa Joseph Enos and he marries
Grandma Anna Anderson
They had Shirley my mom who marries Leonard my dad

I would like to do a documentary on the Enos family and I think the diary would be are really great thing to see.  Would be super cool to go to Portugal- to the Azores and see if anything could be found.

There's even a diary, I need to get over to Victoria to see it. I am hoping to, sometime once Angel's out of school. Be an adventure. :D

Maybe, maybe I just might try Indiegogo to fund my doc or I'll apply for a grant. Or maybe I will just sell some art and it will pay for it. Please send me successful thoughts.

Well that's all I got for now. I have been researching Enos Lake on Nanoose Bay alot  on google and google maps and found out about that Endangered Enos Stickleback.
Did you know that Enos lake is surrounded on one side by an Enchanted Forest!
https://goo.gl/maps/bUZsGqo8NCw  Check it out!

I would really like to do a documentary or short film on the Enos family ...I would love to go to Nanoose bay, even if it's just to document as it is and imagine how it was.
It's really pretty on google maps. There was supposed to be a diary...I hope to find it, that would be so cool to document that.
. I think the census is pretty cool. So happy I found the other. Glad it's all online.
Oh ya, I want to get this done for Angel and I one day. It tests your DNA so you can see your ancestry.

Anyways the real cool part is now our Songhee/Metis heritage is documented :D along with our Portuguese/Swedish/

Oh the reason for the title is I counted all the generations going back and then forward...if and when Angel were to have a child, she would be the 7th generation. That's why I guess I am working so hard to learn my past and the future ...so that hopefully my grandchild(ren) if I am so blessed have a good life, full of love and healthy, good food, good environment, healthy spiritually, it's all I can hope and pray and believe in. 

Do our best, it's all anyone can ask. Who am I? 

My mom and daughter

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2016

I think it's important to know your heritage and in doing so, you can be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.  Do you agree?

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