Thursday, May 19, 2016

Justin & #Elbowgate

Yet Another UPDATE:

Ohhh, the truth comes out.  Well at least he's owning it. 

Another UPDATE:


UPDATE: Wow, there's some weird really negative videos out there, this is the most complete I have seen.

Still it is VERY disturbing, I thought I better update this here.

 Original article

Well I don't like to see people acting like children, especially such well-paid people that are supposed being taking care of child poverty, pipeline/lng decisions and kid's committing suicide...but what was all that weird "mischief" on the floor that Elizabeth pointed out. 

Muclair I didn't really like(trust) you before but lost all respect now. It's easy to get elbowed in the "boob" and that's what it was right? (And that does hurt, and it's good she left, because she couldn't very well stand there rubbing it...right? So don't ride her case to much)

An accident, wrong place, wrong time, unless she was all part of that mischief stuff....what the hell was going on. (People blocking's not football, it's the House of Commons. )

Justin did over react but he's apologized. Must have been some pretty heavy shit going on to push his buttons like that.

We know his basic morals so I think most people will have his back and see through what ever game the NDP was playing.

What I want to know is when everyone will grow up and solve some really issues.

#Elbowgate: PM's elbow meets MP's chest & a Twitter trend is born

 And part of me is wondering if they created this BIG scandal so mainstream media will ignore the big news today which will be the NEB annoucement.

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