Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My heart is breaking...time for self care.

I need some self care. How about you?

I spent all yesterday tweeting about the fires in Fort McMurray

and then find out this

Then there's this article and I do not like the National Post it sensationalizes everything... 

I can't believe there isn't like 10 Children's Mental Health & wellness workers stationed long term there all ready. 

There are 2000 people living there, why wouldn't that be one of the first things implemented as soon as the possible considering the situation and what they are dealing with. 

So sad, all these letters of love and the kids are still hurting so much.

Just sharing this.

Resource Parent Curriculum (RPC) Online
This eight-module curriculum package is designed to guide facilitators on how to run RPC workshops where participants (resource parents/foster parents) learn what trauma is, how trauma may impact children, and how their behaviors are often symptoms of those experiences. The curriculum also provides information on how to create a safe place, how to become an advocate for trauma-specific services and how to recognize and help prevent compassion fatigue. All are included in the downloadable modules, which are available for free! Browse and download the curriculum here.

Here's some videos that may help.

If you like these here is her link. Maybe they can help a bit.

There are many things you can do for self-care and I will post more later but I really need a break.

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