Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Carbon Pig

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011 

Hey found this great site today. I will be checking it out more but just wanted to share it with you.

Kɑ́r - bən - Pɪ́g (n)

A person who chooses a product or service when a more sustainable option is also available.

Carbon Pig - Discover Sustainability
Carbon Pig

CarbonPig covers the latest in eco product trends and ideas, manages one of the largest searchable databases of eco products, and partners with manufacturers to give you free eco products.

Environmental Action, Renewable Energy, Carbon Offsets, Global Warming, Organic Clothing, Sustainability,, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Green Buildings, Pigs, Wind Power, Solar Panels

Enter to Win - Giveaways on Carbon Pig
You ready to get a full-on eco lifestyle going? Well, then you need to register to win these three items from Keep Cup, Jonesy Charismatic Stationery, and CarbonPig.
  1. A 12oz. Tumbler from Keep Cup - This happens to be CarbonPig's favorite coffee cup because they really know how to reduce usage and manufacture their cups in an eco friendly style.
  2. A Jonesy Charismatic Stationery "Idea" Notebook - these notebooks are eco to the core - all the way down to the biodegradable sleeve they come delivered in.
  3. A CarbonPig "Green is the New Gold" T-shirt as worn in the photo by the former Bachelor TV Star Charlie O'Connell - Dude Where's my Car- I mean shirt?

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