Friday, June 24, 2011

The Airport- Emotion Overload

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011 

So I just have to write a bit more about the Airport and the Live at the YVR Contest  

The airport is so emotional for me, I always cry. Not sobbing crying, but that incredible emotional moment where tears well up and you feel like you'll burst if a few don't spill out. It's an emotional overload.

It's the place you say good-bye or hello again :). Everytime I leave to go on a big trip, I'm so full of emotion and excitement it happens. And everytime I come happens. As we stand around the luggage carousel, you get that ahhhh, Wow! I'm home. I guess because we've been on some pretty big journeys and those are just natural emotions you can not suppress, even if you wanted to.

I mean who wants to start crying when there are tons of people standing around, but you can't help it.
So what an exciting contest. I think it would be a totally awesome experience. 

Well just wanted to add this little bit. Have a great day everyone!! And Bon Voyage & Welcome Home to everyone at the YVR today!!

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