Thursday, June 16, 2011

WTF Vancouver???

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011 

If anyone out there knows me, I don't swear...I used to but when I had my child I did every thing I could to curb it. But really tonight takes the cake. Seriously what is wrong with people. Here in Vancouver, we may have issues, but we are not Eygpt, or some other place that need to demonstrate a serious wrong.

No, here a bunch of hooligans, take control of downtown and destroy and loot and act like total barbarians.

SHAME ON YOU! You have the WORSE karma ever now. And for your lack of intelligence you have been photographed and you will be busted. Not by anything I photographed as we left just after O Canada.

The evening started simple enough, I was debating whether to go down and take my kid and be part of history, but this is not the history I wanted to be apart of. This is not what I want to remember.

What happened to good sportsmanship. So Canucks lost. What is the deal here. Someone loses so you go out and burn bears, turn over cars and set fires and loot. Where is the logic. Was it the alcohol?

The whole thing is so shocking and upsetting. The thing is it was mainly young men. Really sad. What's wrong with you?

My kid is all upset and went to bed worried because someone she loves is out driving cab and we are worried about him. So much negative energy. You've really done Vancouver a disservice and yourself.

Anyways, for the beginning it was fun. My girl didn't even want to go, but I convinced her it would be fun. We walked all the way down, and got to where the barricades were but it was so full we just stayed for O Canada and got out of there.  But we got our face painted and she got some balloons and we saw lots of people having fun. 

You could tell it was off when they sang O Canada though, as hardly anyone was singing, not like I had seen on the news, it was jam packed and the energy was really high.

We slowly walked backed home. The police presence was really noticeable on Granville and there definitely was a weird vibe there and that is where the trouble did start.

Weird people. Spoiled people. People who have too much and create trouble and destroy things for what ???

I had to explain this all to my little girl. She wants to go downtown tomorrow and see what's left, she very upset about Chapters and for her little brain to comprende all this...what will she remember, ...not good stuff. Now what do you think of hockey.

What do I think,  you don't want to know. ...I'm just shaking my head. And saying prayers. What a waste, what a shame.

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Dano said...

O Canada, O Canada, I saw you on World News the riot that is with youing hooligans torching the city and creating planned havoc. It is sad they used the loss of the game as a reason to show their cause of Anarchy what is it for anyways? It was a planned show of force by anarchists but for what? They border on hate, chaos and destruction of what is the norm. If they want that they should move to Afganistan! I feel sad for the Canadians like you who had to witness the stupid actions of those idiots. Yup, you made the news and the blame went to the anarchists who live there. I guess they got what they wanted, attention to their cause of chaos and mahiem.