Sunday, June 12, 2011

Great Time at the Kits Kite Festival

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011

Once again we had a fabulous time at the Kitsilano Kite Festival at Vanier Park. When we arrived we donated and got a balloon and asked about the Teddy Bear Drop but that tent didn't really know anything
about it.

When we did asked about their bears, they were $20 for a worthy cause, but we couldn't afford that right now.

We looked for Penny - the lady that does the Really Fun Skits with the Kids but she wasn't there, Angel was really disappointed and so was I but I fixed it by going back to the first tent and we got a Grab Bag for $2, that was a really good deal and brightened everything up.

Then as we were leaving, we walked past a girl that had just caught a bear, and Angel calls "Nice Bear!" and the girl then explained it's free and we just have to get a tix and wait in line. Yayyyyyyyyy! So we did and Angel got her little bear and she was thrilled.

It was a really GREAT day!!

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**Note :Whoops, just realized I need to change the title on this, it was longer original and it was just for myself, then I edited and forgot to change the title. Angel did loose her tooth that day and we went to hip hop and it was all round a really great day that's why I had it all on one. I'll change the title later, enjoy for today! Cheers!

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