Thursday, June 16, 2011

Post Riot Clean-up - Let's help Vancouver

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011 

Well this help us feel a little better. Way to go Smithy!

Post Riot Clean-up - Let's help Vancouver
Today at 7:00am - Saturday at 10:00am

Update: Looks like crews have already begun cleaning up which should mean we will be good to go at any time tomorrow. VancouverPD will be contacted in the morning to confirm, pay attention to the event and twitter (@Vancouverclean)

* @vancouverclean - Tweet updates from the clean up! If anyone is there early or knows when the city is open and ready to be cleaned up tweet it so everyone knows!

Once the embarrassing rioting has ended in Vancouver let's all show the world what Vancouver is really about by helping rebuild and clean up so it is better than it was before.

If any city can bounce back from an embarrassment like this it is Vancouver!

Invite all of your friends! Let's see if we can get Vancouver looking like a new city by noon Thursday!

Things you will need:

Garbage bags
Friends and family
Smiles and Canucks spirit

Police may not be ready to have people re enter the city - worried about continued looting etc. so lets start tentatively at 7am. It is very possible that will be postponed. I'm sure this group of people will be completely respectful and follow the orders of any officers.

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