Friday, June 3, 2011

Kelly MacNamara-Sullivan Community Supporter Passes Away

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Kelly was part of my family and he will be dearly missed. Please read this very nice article describing the wonderful things Kelly did. It's odd how you can know someone for over 25 years but if you only see them on holidays and family get togethers, well sometimes time is short and you don't really know all the great things that person did, you just know they are SPECIAL! We will miss his wonderful laugh and his casual laid back manner that made us all feel so at ease. He really was a very kind soul and will  be remembered. Our prayers to loved ones and all those touched by tragic loss.

Kelly loved kids and always made a big deal over Angel and made us feel special whenever we all got together.

Sullivan community supporter passes away

Surrey has lost an ardent defender of history, a tireless volunteer, and an amazing father and husband.

Kelly MacNamara, the soft-spoken community activist for Sullivan heritage, died Friday morning at home of what is believed to have been a heart attack.

He would have turned 50 on June 14.

He is survived by his daughters Christina and Riana and son Evan.

MacNamara was extremely active in the community, volunteering with the fire department, acting as barbecue chef at all Sullivan Elementary School events, coaching the Challenger baseball team in Walnut Grove and donating his time at The Centre for Child Development, to name a few. 

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