Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kindness Flag Project- Ingrid Tamboline- 2 Events Today

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You can Check out the Kindness Project on this Group Page.

You can go down today if you wish- Check it out!! 

Ingrid asks: Don't forget to pass-on the word that there are two Projects happening today! One in front of the BMO at Richard's and Georgia, and one in front of the library! TWO at once! This is excellent. Please visit! Please spread the word! And please keep the momentum going! Thank you!
 Kindness Flag Project Inspired by Ingrid
Location: Vancouver Public Library
Time: ‎2:00PM Saturday, June 18th
From Ingrid Tamboline
 From Ingrid Tamboline,
To the amazing people who helped in more ways than I could possibly describe, THANK YOU! To Guy, Janice, Marie, Iman, Neil and the many others whose names I sadly cannot remember, thank you! Today I had a little idea and took a chance to see if anyone wanted to participate, and within minutes it exploded into a creative force. People WANTED to make something and and set in motion acts of creation to offset the senseless acts of destruction we experienced the other night. People shared the few paints, brushes and pens I had. They helped each other out, they collectively made flags with words and images of loving kindness. They were incredibly kind and generous to me. THIS is Vancouver! THIS is our city! Thank you, hooligans! Because of you, Vancouverites and visitors to our beautiful city have a common goal, and that is to transform anger, hostility and destruction into happiness, kindness and creation. You've reminded us of the importance to be kind. Thank you!

And once again, a million thank yous to everyone who participated and has helped or offered to help. This is your project, and it's wonderful!



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