Monday, June 20, 2011

N.S told to Pay for her Weed

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My friend Sean just shared this with me. He send me an email titled "hmmm"  with a link

and I wrote back this:

Totally cool, but now why can't we just be growing it in our gardens like other herbs, over the summer, we gather our supply, save it for the winter, it could be sold a farmers markets, ...that's the way it should be.

We are getting there, slowing, backwardly. Thanks so much for the lead.

I have been saying for such a long time that marijuana needs to be legalized and treated as a medicine. A true medicine, from the earth, not some weird chemical the pharmacueticals invent to make themselves rich and prey upon the uniformed, pain ridden souls who have no other resources. 

I'm not going to go into all my reasons why we need to legalize it, but I'll just add these links here and ask you all to seriously think about it.  

Change Your Words- "End the War on Drugs"

Need for a Human Rights based approach to Drugs Policy
The Nova Scotia government has been ordered to sponsor the medical marijuana growing operation of a woman who says she's too poor to pay for the equipment herself.

The Department of Community Services must pay a one-time setup cost of $2,500 and $100 every three months for supplies, an appeal board ruled.

The Income Assistance Appeals Board concluded that the Amherst woman's need for marijuana was real, and since she has no other means, the department should assist her rather than pay for her pot.

The board stated that her request seems quite reasonable in comparison to what the department pays for other medications.

Nova Scotia told to pay for grower's medical pot

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