Monday, June 27, 2011

Need Help with Social Media?

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Looking for someone to help you with Social Media? 
You've come to the Right Place!

Services Provided
Setup & Maintenance of Social Media
(Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Linkedin and Youtube)

Ongoing Management of all Daily Activities

  • Update Blog with one post- 1 or 2x a day includes SEO
  • Update Facebook- Check messages and Promote to other pages 1x a day
  • Update Twitter and Check messages- 3x a day
  • Create Videos (Interviews, Product Demos, etc )Post to youtube if necessary (2 x or 3x)variable
  • Update Linkedin (TBD)

*Any Photography Fees would be Extra and can be discussed later should you require them.

Strategy Suggested

Intial Setup of Blog - $250 (Blogger)
Social Media Account Setups $250 (Blogger, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, Chimpmail)

Time Commitment Description

Daily Maintenance as Described Above

Blog Post with Seo, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, 

Video Creation- 1 min video- $150 /2-3 mins $300 (includes Interview/Product Setup/Editing/photography)

Upload Youtube and Linking
Sourcing other Videos and Linking and Posting 

Newsletter-Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly - (depending on necessity)

Initial Setup- $500 (Blog & Social Media Accounts)
Does not include Blog intergration to Website- TBD

Service Fees

$40 per hour- Consulting/Training Fees

$115 Daily-$3000 Month Maintence of Blog, Facebook, Twitter, (Linkedin -TBD)

$150-$350 Weekly -$1000 Monthly- Creation of Video, Linking, Posting

$50 Weekly -$200 Monthly- Sourcing Youtube/Other Videos, Posting, Linking

$100 Weekly -$400 Monthly- Newsletter

$140 Weekly for email-Optional

$4600 a month for Social Media Services (does not include email)

Receive a Discounted Price for a Short-Term Contract(6 month) or Long-Term Contract (1 -2 year) 

Please contact me at

Blogger has Good Stats and Google Analytics that will be used to check progress of the the site.

Required Resources
Optional : Iphone to be provided by client so that Tweets could be done at anytime from anywhere locally and Facebook messages could be addressed, other wise they can just be done from my current laptop $700 plus monthly plan
Ideas for Automation of the Process
  • Hootsuite: is the only automation of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.
  • Chimpmail: for the Newletter- Creation of list, Addition of Mailing List Subscription to Blog
  • Measurement: What metrics would be used to track / assess the performance
  • Google/Blogger Stats:  Overview, Posts, Traffic Sources and Audience and it breaks down into Day, Week, Month, All Time.
  • Google Analytics can also be utilzed and is quite similiar but more detailed, as well number of Facebook Page Impressions, Likes, and Twitter Followers
Week Stat from my blog Tina Winterlik

Overview of my audience

Almost 15,000 pageviews in 11 months
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  2. Tina'Z -Tina Winterlik
  3. AdventureZ in Mexico
  4. Social MediaZ
  5. AngelZ Web DeZign
  6. Tina'Z PaintingZ
  7. Tina'Z Social MediaZ Workshop
  8. FairieZ -The Fairy Foto Lady
  9. Tina'Z VideoZ
  10. PaintingZ
  11. Facebook  Tina'Z Social Media Workshop
  12. Facebook  Tina Winterlik
  13. Facebook  Adventurez in Mexico
  14. Facebook  Zipolita
  15. Twitter
  16. LinkedIn
  17. My Videos on Vimeo
Four Films I recently created:
My Videos on Youtube (Over 600)

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