Sunday, January 3, 2016

Best Blogging month Ever!

Hey my friends, sending out a GREAT BIG THANK YOU! I am very GRATEFUL!

Thanks for reading my blog, I have had a lot more attention lately and that makes it feel really nice because it takes work to blog regularly. And when you know people are reading and sharing, it gives you warm fuzzies inside!

If you look you will see by the archives, I have been blogging here since 2010. Longer but I deleted a bunch and started again...but this is the record of posts.

Blog Archive

  1. ►  2016 (2)
  2. ►  2015 (327)    As you see last year I blogged 327 post, that's nearly one a day
  3. ►  2014 (68)
  4. ►  2013 (113)
  5. ►  2012 (153)
  6. ►  2011 (539) This year I was a maniac, I blogged nearly 2x a much...exhausting and I was actually blogging on other blogs too. This is when I was learning to drive traffic and exploring what I wanted to blog about. 
  7. ►  2010 (56)
Anyways this is the REALLY GOOD NEWS!

LOOK! Most views in one month ever! 11, 193 views in a month. That makes me happy.  

Thanks so much.

 Please stay tuned I really appreciate your visits!

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