Saturday, January 16, 2016

Rick Mercer-KAYAKING at Cultus Lake & on the Chilliwack River

Look Cultus Lake BC. I used to live in a little cabin there. Lived there in the wintertime. The lake actually froze enough you could throw big rocks on it and they'd bounce and make fun noise. When I lived in Clearbrook and worked graveyards, I would sleep til noon, then go up to Lake, suntan, sleep in the sun, come home, sleep some more and go to work. It was fun. I had a little VW bug then. Good memories!

This Rick is a Crazy Man! The rapids have always scared me, not something I would want to do...

If your interested here's some links

The Chilliwack Center of Excellence is a club run by the members for the members and promotes personal achievement through recreational and competitive kayaking.

The CCE has been offering high quality kayak instruction and paddling opportunities in Chilliwack for over 30 years. We provide services for individuals and groups interested in kayaking in a variety of environments: calm waters to roaring rivers; relaxing Sundays to international competition. It all began as a training center for many National Team athletes and Olympians. The club still supports the pursuit of excellence and has also grown to provide an equal number of recreational opportunities. 

Based on Cultus Lake and in the Chilliwack River Valley, we are the premier slalom training club in British Columbia. The coaches offer training opportunities to paddlers who compete or just want to improve their skills through slalom training.  Many CCE members are on the provincial and national whitewater teams, and they go on to win kayaking races nationally and internationally. More about Whitewater

Our members also have a great time paddling on calm waters around Chilliwack. Through the summer we paddle around on Cultus Lake and take several trips to other areas to enjoy the natural beauty of the Fraser Valley.

Some places we go: Harrison River, Hope Slough, Vedder Canal, Chilliwack Lake, and more.
The best part is that club equipment can be borrowed for any club event.  More about Flatwater

RMR: Rick and Whitewater Kayaking

RMR: Rick and Whitewater Kayaking

RMR: Rick and Whitewater Kayaking

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