Thursday, January 14, 2016

#Reveal'ution #SPEAKUP #Violence #HOPE #Youth #LivesMatter #Abbotsford

 #Reveal'ution- Let's make relational violence history!

 Watch this brilliant and moving video about violence and relationships.

I lived in Abbotsford for my teenage years and it was tough.

This will hit home for many people, so be mindful, please.

Share this! Share widely and share it with all youth, especially! Sending #love and #light and #peace to everyone who worked on this! Thank you!

Seriously, you will save many lives and relationships with this. You should be really proud of yourselves.  It can affect future generations- your children.  Well done! Really impressed.

*Printscreens were to tell the story better. No infringement intended.

Info published on Youtube:
REVEAL'UTION is based on a violent & possessive high school relationship. The film aims to bring awareness to the viewers around getting involved, being of support and making relational violence history.

#speakup #don'tbeabystander

Special thanks to Mouat Secondary School and their Theatre Department.
Written by Shane Leonard & Ryan McAllister
Directed by Shane Leonard

All music licensed and used with permission
"Ember" by Tony Anderson
"Counsel" by Luke Atencio
"Wander" by Alaskan Tapes
"Sophorn" by Tony Anderson
"Dynasty" by MIIA

Abbotsford Police Department
Twitter: @abbypolicedept

Filmed and Edited by FireCanvas Productions
Twitter: @firecanvas

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