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Published on :Stop KinderMorgan on Burnaby Mountain

January 20, 2016 : 2p.m.
Dear Jennifer,
It was good talking with you earlier today, thank you for taking my call and for considering the information and points we have gathered in relation to the permit for drilling in the Salish Sea / Burrard Inlet.
The reasons we believe the permit should be cancelled, or at least put on hold (until after the NEB hearings), are the following:

1) Tsleil-Waututh, Squamish and Musqueam Band Councils provided a press release yesterday, see attached below, confirming that they do not provide consent to Kinder Morgan for the Trans Mountain Expansion project. Project: all related work activity therein.

2) Hereditary Chiefs from the Tsleil-Waututh have issued an official ‘Cease & Desist’ order against the permit.

3) 7 people have already been arrested for trying to halt the permit.

4) The permit is now headline news and is causing significant distress to the community, see link below.…/breaking-burnaby-rcmp-ar…

5) The timing of the permit, during the Kinder Morgan NEB hearings, is inappropriate to the NEB process, in terms of fairness, equality and bias.…/kinder-morgan-neb-hearing…
6) The new Federal Government, including the right honourable Marc Garneau MP, are trying to engage in a new Nation to Nation relationship, based on respect, equality, trust and friendship. The permit, even if not intentional, is running counter to this new Federal mandate.

7) The Burnaby RCMP have opened a File#2016-2109 to investigate the permit and all related activity pertaining to the permit, against numerous community concerns raised, including my own concerns. This file was opened Jan 15 at 2:45p.m., investigations are ongoing.

8) The Burnaby RCMP wants to build a new relationship with indigenous people based on respect, equality and open communication. It is very damaging to this relationship, both short term and long term, when the Burnaby RCMP are put in a position of having to uphold the law in relation to a permit that disrespects Indigenous people and our mutual sense of community.

9) Cost to taxpayers : Members of the Burnaby RCMP detachment and even members of their Emergency Response Team have already had to be called out to deal with the concerns around the permit. This is very expensive to taxpayers, the full incremental cost of the permit is yet to be totalled up.

10) Consent requires a positive affirmation, meaning consent requires, in legal terms, a YES. I would suggest it should never be assumed, that a no response equates to consent, in any area of the law. This requirement for positive affirmation of consent was acknowledged by the Burnaby RCMP. If I ask my neighbour if I can have their car, and they do not respond, it does not mean I can just take it. Consent requires a definite YES.

11) This is really a wonderful opportunity for the Port Metro Vancouver to set a completely new standard, across Canada, as to how Indigenous Consent should be treated, namely with the highest respect, transparency and openness in all areas of life and business. If this can be achieved, it would certainly be something to celebrate.

Thank you Jennifer for considering these 11 points of information and perspective. We look forward to the your statement today/tomorrow morning from the Port Metro Vancouver. I completely agree with you that it’s appropriate that everyone hears your perspective directly and not second-hand, namely without bias, without prejudice, with consent.
Kind regards,
Jeremy Board

Update: Hearing that the barge may have possibly left...more to come!

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