Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Let me cheer you up a bit, okay, please!
I know what it feels like to be blue, I understand and if I can help a little bit, I want to try.

Here are some suggestions.
Here is a beautiful video of one of my favourite places.



Or if you can, head down to Mexico, to Zipolite, here's are a few links


Posada Esmeralda is a lovely quiet Posada, located on the main road in Zipolite, near Roca Blanca


I have this blog and on it are lots of posts about our visit to Mexico. Why don't you read them and plan your trip. Imagine all the wonderful place you will go. Feel the sun on your face and sand between your toes!!


You know ,maybe you don't know, I could possibly know what you are going through, but have great empathy for you. January is a hard month. I know because my mom passed away the day before my birthday. I loved her so much and it devastated me. But time passes and we begin to heal. It's been 9 years now, and there are still many days where I actually say out loud..."I miss you Mom!! " I also understand what is like to lose someone you love to suicide and that is also devastating. Sadly as we get older many of the people we love move on to the next level and we feel left behind and lonely

The only advice I have is when things are at their very darkest, hang on, hang on until tomorrow. So many times I have been sad and scared and at my wits end about what to do, but I managed to hang on until the next day.

And always something amazing would happen. Miracles, a sign, hope! The angels will help you but you have to give them time, give them a chance. Just make it to the next day, good things will happen, I know because I've been there. People love you, reach out! Never give up!

And for everyone out there, you reach out, check in with people. See how they are doing. People who are hurting won't tell. They are embarrassed, sad, frightened, feeling discouraged and hopeless.

And smile at people, you don't know what a smile can do for someone, compliment someone, do a Pay It Forward, and buy someone's coffee, give that homeless guy on the corner a banana and a loonie, even if you don't have much yourself, because it will come back to you. It will. Trust me.

Good things will happen. I send you love and light and pray that we will all be okay. It's just life right. Sometimes life sucks, but we can survive amazing things when you have someone that cares.
When you know people love you, it makes all the difference in the world.

Go for a walk
Make Art
Love and be loveable
Hug- get a 20 second hug as often as your can, it's like a drug...we ALL need to be hugged often.
Eat as well as you can- I KNOW, that can be hard if you have little money but try, please!
Travel if you can- it will enlighten you!

I have 140 videos of my last trip to Mexico, might be something in here to cheer you and help brighten your life, inspire you, ...

I made this website about Zipolite, you can check it out to

And this is just a nice video to calm you.

Now if you need something to do with your hands, here's a good art project, you can put your own spin on it.

Have You Heard of Peace Prayer Flag Project?

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