Wednesday, January 13, 2016

STOP SITE C- David Suzuki & Grand Chief Stewart Phillip

Environmental campaigner David Suzuki is throwing his support behind First Nations protesting the construction of the $9-billion Site C dam in northeastern British Columbia.
Suzuki and the grand chief of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, Stewart Phillip, travelled to the remote Rocky Mountain Fort Camp in the Peace Valley on Tuesday morning.
He says he made the trip to thank the protestors for continuing the fight against the dam.
"I wanted to go and thank them ... because I was one of many, many people 30 years ago that was opposing the dam at Site C — exactly the same dam and we won that one," he said. 
"So I can't figure out what the hell — we already had this battle before and we're having it again."

David Suzuki, third from the right, and Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, centre, joined protesters at the Site C protest camp at Rocky Mountain Fort on Monday. (Yvonne Tupper/Facebook)

Opinion: Why First Nations oppose Site C Treaty 8 ‘Stewards of the Land’ defend treaty rights and environment.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, smiles during a news conference in Vancouver, B.C., after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favour of the Tsilhqot'in First Nation, granting it land title to 438,000-hectares of land on Thursday June 26, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck ORG XMIT: VCRD104


"When the Dunne-Zaa people joined Treaty 8 in 1900, a solemn and binding promise guaranteed their ability to continue to participate in these and other traditional activities such as hunting, trapping and fishing. The treaty explicitly guaranteed the Dunne-Zaa would be able to continue traditional practices “for as long as the sun shines, the rivers flow and the grass grows.” In return for the necessary consent to take up these beautiful, productive lands (the Site C flood zone includes prime agricultural land and is teeming with wild game), the Crown solemnly promised that practices Treaty 8 First Nations have continuously maintained for at least 11,000 years would be allowed to continue without forced interference or forced dependency on the Crown."

(Yvonne Tupper/Facebook)
They want to flood this?
Peace River -winter time beauty.
(Yvonne Tupper/Facebook)

Treaty 8 Elder-Jack A and I at front end waiting to give notice. Ken took picture.
I am in a skirt in minus 20 something weather.
#SavethePeace #savemoberlyriver

(Yvonne Tupper/Facebook)

We have Elders...saying NO to this project....and we need to honour them. We need to honour the generations that are coming. This is going to belong to them when we are gone. And we need to ensure that it happens. This is our home."
"This is a big fight. I think we are going to win it! I feel it in my bones that we are in the right spot. We are on the side of right here. They are on the wrong side. As long as we stand together on this matter, we are going to prevail."

- Chief Roland Willson, West Moberly First Nation 

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