Friday, January 8, 2016

Online Education-English Classes and Other Ideas

Saw these stories today and wanted to add my two cents. 

Alberta men have higher unemployment

Syrian refugees in B.C. face long waits for English courses

So here is my Crazy but I think Brilliant Idea. Everyone that is on EI or Social Assistance is signed up and given access to (and they should be required to study 4 hours a day.) and also some could be trained for ESL courses- they are only 6 months long. Then they could teach the Syrians English and they would be employed again. It could be also implemented online for people have good online connections. See that would solve 2 problems at once

I know it's be unemployed.

Being out of work or getting paid shit wages takes it's toll on spirit, mind and body but your soul goes on. You're a good person, things will get better. Make that your mantra and just remember this, just hang on until tomorrow. Sometimes things seem so dark but you don't know what great thing is just around the corner. Good energy will come to you if you believe it will and try to be positive. I can not tell you how many times things just seemed like it couldn't get worse, but the next day something amazing happens and changes everything. Remember that...tomorrow will be better.

Here's some green ideas
Anyways here's a bunch of green ideas for people exploring GREENER pastures!! Ha! Ha! Bad, I'm sorry! I don't know how great you are on the computer but this is a great base for you. I made this site for a school project. 

So there's two sites. One was for a Game App I hoped to build and promote and the other was the website that would support a community around it. The idea came from this video.

Let's see if like in Field of Dreams....I have built it, let's see if I can get people to come.


Cornucopia of Ideas here.
Facebook : just dig through the archives and on the
Pinterest's lots of great ideas there too!

I made a website to do Conversation English but there is something wrong with my internet connection and haven't been able to hold very long or good quality connections. And obviously the new refugee's can not be paying $15 an hour for one on one conversation but it could be shared and split between many and the government could pay for it. Just an idea....I have lots. I am visionary I've been told many times. ;)

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