Sunday, January 31, 2016

"NEW" The Forest Fairy Book by Zipolita

The Forest Fairy and I, have been working on this project for quite a while now. 

First we made all the photos and then put it in a video and now we have lovely book for you!!

Forest Fairy asked me to help write a story 
....she's got an idea but she needs your help!! 

Buy This Book Please Support me, Zipolita and my art,  & educate your kids and help support local environmental causes.

This is the Forest Fairy
 She's sad! 
She's sad and mad because the forest is sick!

She's got an idea but she needs your help!!

Check out the Forest Fairy Website

This is White Chocolate.
She is cousins with Mama Spirit Bear 
and she's been living with us for a while.  

She LOVES books! 
 She says you should definitely buy one 
and read it to your kids and grandkids. 

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