Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I don't think I'll ever look at life jackets the same way. #Lesvos #refugeecrisis @NeetuGarcha

 Wow Neetu, so brave of you to go and it must be very difficult.

I send you love and light and pray for you and all the refugees, to be safe on this terrible journey of their life, that it may be over soon and you and they will be safe.

I tried to put this in perspective, imagine if you in Vancouver BC lived near the beach and boatloads of people were arriving everyday...so hard to even think of such a thing...but this is the reality in Lesvos, Greece. 


“I never got the chance to sleep in settlements. I was too scared that anyone would touch me. The tents were all mixed and I witnessed violence.”http://globalnews.ca/news/2460849/female-refugees-endure-sexual-violence-exploitation-as-they-escape-war-torn-syria-iraq-amnesty
“If this humanitarian crisis was unfolding anywhere else in the world we would expect immediate practical steps to be taken to protect groups most at risk of abuse, such as women travelling alone and female-headed families,” Amnesty’s Hassan said.

NGOs decry charges against volunteers in Greece
Police charges carrying prison sentences of up to 10 years in jail made against volunteer lifeguards who rescue refugees have angered the NGO community in the Greek island of Lesbos, with some reporting a growing crackdown on their activities.

On Thursday, the Greek coastguard arrested two Danish and three Spanish volunteers from the Team Humanity and Proem Aid groups, respectively.

They are accused of people smuggling, Themistoklis Kefalas, a Danish citizens' lawyer, confirmed to Al Jazeera.

The Danish volunteers are Mohammed Abbassi, 26, and Salam Aldeen, 33. The three Spanish volunteers are Manuel Blanco, Jose Enrique and Julio Latorre.

Late on Saturday, the five volunteers who all deny the charges were released on bail.
All except Aldeen were made to pay a 5,000-euro ($5,450) fee.http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/01/ngos-decry-arrests-volunteer-lifeguards-greece-160116193522648.html

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