Friday, January 15, 2016


When the Liberals were elected in October it was on a platform that included a number of important promises related to climate change that would set out to fix some of the damage done by a Conservative government with an atrocious environmental record. One of the most significant of these promises was to overhaul the National Energy Board (NEB) environmental assessment process for resource-based projects like pipelines – a process that was badly undermined under the last government. However, the Liberals are already sending strong signals that they’re not serious about following through on this process. Next week the final round of hearings for Kinder Morgan’s proposed Trans-Mountain pipeline expansion will move forward and will do so under the same rules set by the Conservatives – the same rules the Liberals promised to change. As such, opposition to the Trans-Mountain project and the NEB reviews is growing rapidly across the country as Canadians gear up for a “People’s Injunction”, led by, to hold the government to account. Read More Here

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