Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thank you Readers- 190,000 views on my Tina Winterlik Blog!!!

Well last night was a little milestone for me.

My Tina Winterlik Blog-

finally hit 190,000 views and this is quite a jump. I have been working really hard and posted 327 posts last year, this has had a big impact on my rise in views and also I have been tweeting a lot more.

If you noticed I never have ads- I can't help the ones on the Youtube videos but I want you to know I don't have any of the adsense or anything like that. I post what I want, when and where.

 I post for the pure pleasure of it.

So when you read my posts you can relax and not have crap flashing in your face all the time. I hate that. So please enjoy my adfree blog. Remember I do not get paid for my blogging or any of the social media I do. For some I barter but I have no regular gig from it or collect from ads.

I tried the Patreon and Tip Jar and others but they don't seem to work for me, yet...never give up right. And that is the thing about blogging, I blog because I want to share my opinions or things that I think are important with you.

I share things that I believe you will not see on TV and I hope to enlighten you about things going on that you SHOULD know about. 

I care about you, and me, and my family, most of all I care about my kid and I want her to have a future, a good future and so blogging is my little way of "Saving the World!!"

Well here's my stats. HURRAY!! I'm averaging about 10,000 views the last few months so all my hard work is finally paying off.

Tina Winterlik Blog All-time  Stats for Jan 27 2016 - 190,000 views

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