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Okay, let's pretend this is Dragon's Den with a twist and here's my pitch!!


Dear RICHEST PEOPLE in Vancouver BC:


 Jim PattisonThe Aquilini Family,  The Lalji FamilyBob GaglardiBrandt LouieChip WilsonHassan KhosrowshahiThe Chan Family, Gary Charlwood, Belkin Family


You were named the 10 Richest People in Vancouver in this article in March 2015. One year ago.


This is a CHALLENGE for YOU to STEP UP and END HOMELESSNESS in Vancouver and I am sure if you issue a challenge to your wealthy friends we CAN cultivate a better world.


It was a few years back, after seeing this video below, that I create the vision of  The Changerz but you can make it a reality NOW! With your BILLIONS it will be EASY!!! 

So this was my first idea... BETWEEN you all, you have about 20 BILLION!

$20 Billion - 


-      $50,000,000


Whew!  that's a lot of zeros. Let's make it easier to understand.


-     $50



So now this I can wrap my head around. Let's pretend you have $20 grand and I am asking you kindly to GIVE $50 to green projects and end the Vancouver housing Crisis, to help the people who worked in the Tarsands but want to be GREEN now,  to end Homelessness, to end Child Poverty in Vancouver and eventually all of BC and Canada and THE WORLD!!! Ta Da!! 


But wait, I am getting ahead of myself.


So in reality you would be funding Green Projects & Tiny Homes for Homeless to the tune of  $50 million. Now Jimmy you have the most, so don't you think it's time to share? Seriously you have had a great run...but don't you see how warped out the world has become AND will become if you DO NOT ACT!!

Anyways, you have to figure out how much everyone can pitch in but remember you are building homes and gardens so people can be self sufficient. This isn't housing everyone in a tower or hotel. 


Gardens help with mental illness, addiction, sleep disorders, proper diets help with a whole host of behaviour and health issues. Remember VICTORY gardens...we need to put them everywhere. Vancouver needs to be growing our own food so we can eliminate GMO and Pesticide and that in turn will lower the cancer and that will lower hospital/health care costs. 


Gardens build community. We have lost this!

So here it is in a nutshell and then I will explain.

Build 5000* Tiny homes
Buy a lot for each home
Build a permaculture garden for that home so the person can feed themselves.

Workers from the Tar Sands build them.
Each home must be solar and off grid
There are 21 high schools in Vancouver- each school builds a Tiny House
Students all learn permaculture
Gardens are implement ALL OVER CITY!

* Why 5000 - there were approx 2000 absolute homeless in Vancouver and I am sure there are the same amount if not more of single parents with kids living in relative homelessness

From Wikipedia
Absolute homelessness describes people living in absence of proper physical shelter.[2]
Relative homelessness describes people living in poor conditions of health or security, including an absence of both personal safety and steady income despite having physical shelter to reside in.[2]

As of 2011, roughly 2,651 people in Vancouver are subject to one of these types of homelessness, or are transitioning between them.[3]

From the Globe & Mail
The city released the official results Tuesday from its annual homeless count, conducted four months ago, which found 1,746 living on city streets or sleeping in shelters. That’s down slightly from 1,803 in 2014. The results left Mr. Robertson promising to do his best to manage the problem, despite pledging when he entered politics in 2008 to rid the city of street homelessness by this year.

Later- Future Greening
All buildings have a re-bar type seismic safe structure, surrounds building but does not touch. Has green walls and roof top and solar panels. Green walls provide shade and help with water run off. See some ideas here.

This didn't happen in 2014 but let's try for 2020!!

Watch this for more reasons....

Act Now or this may be your child or grandchild's future!

So that's my pitch! You have kids, I have a kid. 


I bet I can safely say you love your child as much as I love mine. I want my child to have a future, well this is it, you have the power and the opportunity to turn things around. We are at a crossroads in history and you can really do something. Please Act!!

And if you are taking steps to end homelessness in Vancouver please show me what they are. 

Thank you!!  


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