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I think this is why Women Burned Bras in the 60's

Watch this great video that show the inequalities faced by women today.

Women must work to have any power yet are expected to take care of the children and home. In Canada, it's the same, you are expected to go to school, get an education at what ever costs, then find a husband- but he won't let you stay home and raise kids, he'll expect you to pay half the rent/mortgage extra or else make you feel indebted....

This is why women burned bras...in the year that I was born, women were fighting to get out of the home...https://sites.google.com/a/lakewoodcityschools.org/womensrights_1960/home/women-s-protests but did they know this would happen, that they'd get to work for unequal wages and still be expected to take care of the home and the kids and the husband.  

They must all shake their heads.

Maybe we all need to burn our bras?? 

To the young women out there, are you even aware of this?

"In the 1960's the phrase "Bra Burning" was well known.  People say that very few women actually burned their bras, but many supported those actions.  Women burned their bras because they felt that it proved a statement or made a stand for Women's Rights.  

Another reason they burned their bras was because it was a symbol that showed independence of men at the time.  The women that didn't burn their bras often walked around wearing no bra at all.  

This was also meant to show independence of men.  Many women thought that it meant freedom to be natural instead of pushed up.  

At the Miss America Protest there were trashcans that women called freedom trashcans.  Women threw things such as bras, girdles, curlers, tweezers, high heels, etc. into them to be burned. "

Most Canadian men aren't interested in women that don't have money....that can't support themselves....(I can't say this is true for every man but there is a mindset out there in men AND women)

I remember a women saying to me, after I had my child- "I would never expect a man to take care of me" (she was blessed with a home, parents to help and a job) but ....isn't that sad...and this our culture. 

Why are the roles so demanding for women? And for the women that can't keep that full-time job, family, and everything together her entire life...(due to downsizing, illness, exhaustion, grief, depression) what then...when the man...won't help anymore...

Then they are seen as failures... if the government was a fair, it would take on that role as the hunter and provide food and shelter, while the woman took care of and raised the children, but that doesn't happen and we all know that's true. 

Women who can not do it all are looked down on and shunned and punished with POVERTY!!!

Women are forced into unhealthy (mentally, physically, sexually) and unsafe conditions in order to provide something better for their children, in hopes that their children will not suffer the same fate. 

There are a lot of good men out there...some that do help ...and but sadly I see the realities up close and center in this commercial. This commercial is so true for ALMOST every woman I know.

I don't want it to be that way for my daughter. 
Let's talk and change this.

Maybe we all need less screen time....but then I would never have seen this commercial...so LET'S USE THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA to find a solution...if possible.

I always think back, if we were living in hunting & gathering society,  and for whatever reason- our husband died or for some reason maybe was sick or injured and couldn't help, the women wasn't kicked out of the tribe.  

Women gathered- Men Hunted...each had important roles. Children spent time with parents...girls learning to gather and boys learning how to make tools... we learned from grandparents, aunts, uncles...everyone....

Ever since we moved from Hunting and Gathering...we are messed up. Everything has broken down. How can we fix it? How can we be equal with out having to control everything.

What can we do when it's not working?

How can we make things fair? 

Do you want this life for your child?

Where I think we went wrong....when we changed from hunting and gathering to agriculture...we warped it all out. Many people are unaware of what that life involved. Unless you studied anthropology... (they  need to teach this in elementary school)

"Hunting and gathering culture, also called foraging culture,  any group of people that depends primarily on wild foods for subsistence. Until about 12,000 to 11,000 years ago, when agriculture and animal domestication emerged in southwest Asia and in Mesoamerica, all peoples were hunters and gatherers. Their strategies have been very diverse, depending greatly upon the local environment; foraging strategies have included hunting or trapping big game, hunting or trapping smaller animals, fishing, gathering shellfish or insects, and gathering wild plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, tubers, seeds, and nuts. Most hunters and gatherers combine a variety of these strategies in order to ensure a balanced diet. Read More Here 

Just excerpts here...See More...
"Where both hunting and gathering are practiced, adult men usually hunt larger game and women and their children and grandchildren collect stationary foods such as plants, shellfish, and insects; forager mothers generally wean their children at about three or four years of age, and young children possess neither the patience nor the silence required to stalk game.

However, the capture of smaller game and fish can be accomplished by any relatively mobile individual, and techniques in which groups drive mammals, birds, and fish into long nets or enclosures are actually augmented by the noise and movement of children."

That's sounded like a tough life but a beautiful one, (I wish I lived then...maybe I did?) in harmony with nature. I believe in my heart we have to return to that...or we will be forced to... only the future knows...

hunting and gathering culture
An Inuvialuit fisher hanging whitefish fillets to dry near the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories, Can.

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