Sunday, March 6, 2016

Stop Site C- #KeepthePeace-Hunger Strike

"It's so significant to who we are in this world. So for us there is a lot more at stake than just bad economics and food security. it goes so much deeper for us as Dunne Za people" #rootcauses, #honourthetreaties, #StopSiteCStop Site C Hunger Strike Gathering!Support Site C Hunger Strike!WEEKEND EVENTS: Stop BC Hydro Site C Dam Hunger Strike
Posted by Tamo Campos on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ms Christy Fenton -a Rocky Mountain Fort Camper- Treaty 8 Stewards Of the Land member giving a heart felt shout out to all individuals and supporters participating in Downtown Vancouver Hunger Strike in solidarity with Treaty Stewards of the Land ♡March 5, 2016 -No Site C protest in front of BC Hydro office in Fort St John on Treaty 8 territory.#treatymatters #treaty8stewardsoftheland #keepthepeace #nositeC
Posted by Stop Site C Hunger Strike Gathering on Saturday, March 5, 2016

Stop Site C- #KeepthePeace

Stop Site C- #KeepthePeace

Stop Site C- #KeepthePeace

Stop Site C- #KeepthePeace

Stop Site C- #KeepthePeace

A recent injunction has led to a peaceful dissolution of the camp at the Site C damn on Treaty 8 lands. In response, activists have gathered in front of BC Hydro (Vancouver) Coast Salish Territories, and were called to hunger strike, immediately following the court ruling.

Show your support at 333 Dunsmuir, 8am-5pm, for an extended period of time.

Stop Site C Hunger Strike Gathering Facebook Page
WEEKEND EVENTS: Stop BC Hydro Site C Dam Hunger Strike

Donate to the ongoing Treaty 8 First Nation court challenges:

Say No to Site C facebook Page

You can read more at Warrior Publications here

The Indignants

Filmed and edited by Curtis Nixon
Special thanks to Julian, Ariel,and Terry, and Audrey for the picture.

Stop Site C- #KeepthePeace

Stop Site C- #KeepthePeace

Stop Site C- #KeepthePeace

Join us in a rally against Site C, in solidarity with the Treaty 8 Prophet River and West Moberly First Nations & Land Defenders fight against Site C! Raising awareness to the devastation of the Peace Valley & B.C’s Agricultural Land Reserve.

Where: We will be gathering in front of the BC Hydro corporate office in Downtown Vancouver.

When: March 13th from 12pm- 2pm.


Richmond City councillor & Former NDP MLA Harold Steves
Activist Diana Day
Lynn Chapman
Sage Birley
Journalist Laila Yuile
Teresa Summers
Elizabeth Biggar

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