Saturday, March 12, 2016

Vancouver City- We NEED to GROW our OWN FOOD!!

I have to admit I was disappointed with the popup Townhall.

Jerry- the man I spoke to told me that the land was bought as a transportation route or something like that.

There is  a huge opportunity here for Vancouver but I am afraid we will miss the boat. He said they are going to make it for bikes and walking and a street car and tuck the gardens in here and there.



We can cure so many things with gardens that grow food.
Who is sick of going to big box stores for food?
Who can't afford "organic " food?
What can't afford food?
Who has mental illness  and feels disconnect and lost.

GARDENS can solve so much.

Whose kids are not doing well and it's related to the food they eat?

Let's CHANGE this.
So much of our food is polluted. Who has money to spend at Wholefoods...who buys into all that crap!!

***I just found this great video and have to add it here. 
Please Listen!!

Lots of people, I can tell you that. We have to change this or the problems are just going to grow and for you well to do people, for the 1% it's going to bite you in the ass big time!!

What happens to people who are hungry? What would you do if you had no money and no food? If your children were hungry and there were no adequate programs to help, what would YOU do? Because this is REALITY for many many people. It's time to feed the kids, the parents, the neighbourhood. Let's take care of each other. 

BUT it's sadly going to be a big  battle because what that man said was there was going to be a street car and it's about tourism.

Well that is a crock of sh_t!! Sorry but STOP thinking about tourism i.e EMPTY CONDOS, and let's take care of Vancouverites.

Let's take care of the people actually born & trying to survive here.

And it will help with CLIMATE CHANGE!!  If you really want a green city, it's has to be about gardens, green walls, green roofs and not stuff just for rich people. 


Please listen to this video!!

So many places around the world are so much more advanced. Germany, is really greening up and Singapore and in Brazil there is are really cool place...- with no cars.

We need food. We should be able to grow our own food and not have to buy food with GMO or sprayed with pesticides. We want to know what is in it and that is safe to eat.
That should be our right!!

We've been hearing stories of food shipped to China for processing apples, clean and wax, chickens, and rice that had plastic pellets in and let's not forget all the dogs that died horrible deaths from that weird mel..?? stuff that they were putting in it.

After the war everyone was encouraged to grow a Victory garden. We all need to do that and we need land to do that on. People in apartments and condos need access to community gardens. In Seattle they are growing a food forest...Beacon hill and it has nut trees and all sort of things that eventually people will just go and pick and harvest what they want.

My grandma used to live on 51st and Ross, she had a beautiful garden. I remember my mom saying the soil was so rich and beautiful you could grow anything there. Guess what's there now...a big house covering nearly the entire lot.

People are wasting the land. If we can feed the people, locally, we won't have to have food banks, people who aren't hungry are much happier and more productive and gardening is so good for mental health and physical. It's win/win.

I was disappointed with what that man Jerry said. :(

Anyways here are a bunch of links.

Cheers, enjoy your weekend. Take a Stand! Get informed! Speak UP!!

Watch this video, it's excellent!

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Dear Greenest City-- Here's some ideas for you!!

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