Saturday, March 26, 2016

Good Friday Vancouver Aquarium Visit!

So we were super blessed today! We used our leisure pass to go to the Vancouver Aquarium.

This is so awesome. We are very very grateful for this opportunity as the cost to visit is very high for us and we usually only make it once a year!

So this is fantastic. AND THEY HAVE A NEW EXHIBIT. The Ray Pool.

You get to touch Sting Rays...or some kind of rays...I have to research it better...sorry..very tired and just edited and put up all the photos on FB and Youtube.

Here they are for your enjoyment if you can not make there.

And if you want to see all the photos click here
These are from my camera

 When my camera battery died I switched to my phone... 

Don't let the frog out!! Ha! HA!!

Photos/Art © 2016 Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita

Photos/Art © 2016 Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita
I just LOVE otters! This is the best video I have ever got of them. I was thrilled. So cute!!

Angel was so happy, we spent a long time here, it was an amazing exhilarating experience!! One I am sure we will never forget!

Here's all my videos (from my camera in one video...) in one video. Enjoy!

This is video from my phone after the camera battery died. It did well!

Here are the seahorses. I love seahorses!!

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