Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Don't Destroy this!! We don't need LNG!!
Save the Whales!! 

Here is a video taken by North Shore News reader David Butler of Lions Bay, who was out in his boat off Brigadier Bay in Howe Sound last Thursday (September 26/2013) with his son, Warren, when they encountered this rare and amazing sight of a humpback whale breaching.


Jordan Sturdy, MLA, West Vancouver-

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"He mentioned that the Chinese regulations state it clear that all waste water pump from a factory into river or sea needed to be treated. So he questioned why the government let Sateri crossed the law without any punishment.

As the water continued being polluted, it became impossible for local farmers to grow the rice they used to grow. The smell of the natural water stinks. Once famous for its fresh and sweet seafood, now Putien’s seafood became inedible because of the contamination.

"On the side of the LNG plant is all the money, the company itself and its crooked multi-billionaire owner, the federal government, the provincial government, the LNG lobby, the fossil fuel industry, the tanker industry, the corporate media, and the right wing in general. Shilling for Woodfibre LNG, as readers will know, is an outfit called Resource Works, funded in part by the BC Business Council and, one suspects, Woodfibre LNG itself – although that’s not been admitted or proved.
Incidentally, Woodfibre LNG and Woodfibre Natural Gas are the same company."

"Suffice it to say, you cannot be a friend of the climate and still approve LNG projects. No way, no how. Which is why it came as a huge – though not surprising – disappointment when, this past Friday afternoon, the Trudeau Government quietly approved the proposed Woodfibre LNG plant in Howe Sound. (PS you don’t make an announcement you’re proud of on a Friday afternoon)."

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